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Maple Tree Listing

This list describes the Maple (Acer) trees that we generally grow in our bare root nursery. Due to vagaries of production and demand however not all of the trees listed here will be available every year.

For the current list of trees available for the coming winter please go to the 'Price List'. This is updated in March or April each year.

For more information about bareroot trees please see the 'About Bareroot Trees'  page.

Please enquire if the tree you are looking for is not listed - we may be able to help.


Japanese Maple

Acer japonicum
Up to 4m.* Small delicate spreading tree with elegant habit and beautiful fingered foliage which turns to red/purple/orange in autumn. It’s common for them to have multiple trunks joining close to the ground and a spreading crown nearly as wide as it is tall. Needs a sheltered position away from wind to prevent leaf scorch and a full sun to lightly shaded position.  Preferring fertile soil, high in organic content they will tolerate poorer soil as long as it can hold summer moisture and is free draining in the winter as they do not like wet feet. Their compact and non invasive root systems, means they are particularly good for borders and ornamental paths. These slower growing trees transplant easily and make good courtyard specimens or tub plants.

Box Elder Maple

Acer negundo
8m exceptionally 10m.* A tough fast growing maple suitable for many applications. Tolerating a wide range of environmental situations including moist soil types, urban pollution, drier sites and some coastal exposure. Can be used as a fast approach to shade or screening. With light to mid green leaves, yellowing in Autumn this tree’s drooping raceme like flowers on bare branches in early spring create a visual interest.

Sensation Maple

Acer negundo "Sensation'
7-8m.* Unlike most box elder maple that tend to colour yellow in autumn, the Sensation Maple is a variety of box elder maple selected for its autumn reds and oranges. The Sensation Maple therefore offers the toughness and fast-growth rate of the box elder maple but with more flair in autumn. It also has improved form and branch structure.

Red Maple

Acer rubrum
12m exceptionally to 15m.* The classic Canadian Maple famous for its outstanding show of red in the Autumn. Featuring dark green foliage throughout summer with attractive clusters of red flowers on bare branches in spring. Of moderate size and growth, this tree makes a standout ornamental feature. Tolerant of a wide range of soils but needs relatively moist conditions to do well.

Trident Maple

Acer trifidum
Up to 7m.* Seems to be the most reliable maple for the southwest of WA, Small to medium upright tree originating from China. Excellent range of red/orange autumn colour.This charming moderately fast growing tree can fit well into a small garden, into hedges, rows or planted alone. Has attractive peeling brown/orange and grey bark as it matures. Prefers full sun and good drainage. Tolerant to wide range of site conditions including poorer soils, moderate wind and salt, urban pollution and relatively dry conditions. Its ability to deal with soil compaction and restricted root zones makes it a good tree for urban landscapes. Bonsai enthusiasts enjoy working on this variety.




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