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In this forgotten corner of Europe the wave of modernisation that began with the Industrial Revolution in the north west of the continent two centuries ago and has ineluctably spread across the rest ~ altering in its path nearly every aspect of traditional life ~ seems to have scarcely arrived in Transylvania. Certainly half the people on the street are using mobile phones and some families own a small car but these cruise the roads in the company of horses and carts.
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Chrissy    June 2013

When will we really fix federalism? A talk at the John Curtin School of Public Policy 16/11/12My starting point is the 2020 Summit of April 2008. I attended with the view of speaking about the need to de-centralise federalism. Frankly I thought I would be completely out on a limb, with nobody else wanting to talk much about the unsexy topic of federalism. Yet to my amazement “fixing Federalism” was the single biggest outcome of that forum of 1000 Australians. Certainly it had a different ring in the different discussion streams; the Economics Stream theme was “a seamless national economy” whilst the Environment/Sustainability group wanted whole of government collaboration, to the Rural and Regional Stream that in effect wanted to abolish State Governments.   Continue Reading →

Chrissy  16 November 2012

"This article was printed as an Opinion piece by the West Australian in a slightly edited form entitled "Old Trees the Key to SW Forests" on 5/11/12

The big gap in the new Draft Forest Management Plan is its lack of a restoration plan. The legacy of past intensive logging has created forests that are more vulnerable to drought but confront a drier future. This serious challenge is raised in the Draft but remains unresolved. Although the public discourse remains focussed on the familiar and bitter battle between the loggers and conservationists, the bigger question is can we keep our forest ecosystems alive and healthy through drier times?   Continue Reading →

Chrissy   4 November 2012


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