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Andrew Thamo is a partner at the Small Tree Farm, with partner Chrissy Sharp. Most of his time is taken up with the farm and volunteering at Golden Valley Tree Park but he does like to spend time writing. The current project is a memoir/history/travel tome about returning to Transylvania for the first time.














Andrew's Contributions

Grabbing The Tiger (Shark) By The Tail
The Tiger Shark is two and a half if not three metres long. It looks sublime rather than threatening as it is dragged flapping onto the edge of the beach by a barefoot youth who has slipped a rope around its tail. It wears the colours of the ocean in paler and darker bands along its length. I have an urge to rush through the gathered crowd and cut the line to free it, to let it slip back to where it belongs.
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Andrew    April  2017


The Tree That Crossed Over To The Other Side Of The River
I have lingered more than once where the King Karri Tree Walk crosses over the Donnelly River, entranced by the dance of the water as the flow accommodates itself to pass under the narrow span of the footbridge. So I was pleasantly surprised when, not being distracted by the hypnotic rhythms of the water, and alerted by the sight of a pair of trees growing on the top of a log with their exposed roots slithering down its sides.
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Andrew    June  2017

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